Diameter of this driver is This time I did get higher led current At least for a very short time , probably because the drive was cold when it was at the high voltage. The drivers are a buck, a boost and a linear driver. That was a lot of drivers. You have enough suggestions for now. Strobe and sos modes is another story, the jumping up and down in current and voltage will affect the measurements.

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Without the diode or a jumper no power goes to the mcu. The LED positive wire can be soldered to any positive trace, right? I thought I was the only one having this issue, the LED posivitve pad is really too loose to come out. My website with reviews of many chargers and batteries More than I could cheat and combine them in one chart.

It looks like this drive will work fine on alkaline, but will have trouble with lithium, NiMH may or may not work, depending on circuit resistance and age. That was a lot of drivers. As long as I try to simulate a specific battery it would work, but I like to test the full specified range and there it does not always work. I did some small personal testings with light meter only and 2,8A nanjg C drivers and it is really not efficient as I thought it would be and your test confirms that.


Maybe you can find a decent 3 mode NiMH driver.

AMC7135*8 5-Mode Circuit Board (Nanjg 105C) 3.04A

Log in or register to post comments. Thank you so much for your efforts. Holding the proverbial flashlight.

Skip to main content. A question about 3 to 4. This time I started from 4 volt and reduced the voltage, leed low voltage warning activates at about 2. This field of study will just keep winning, and we knew that all the best people would want to be on board.

You can see it in the last picture.

Once again HKJ, great stuff! Hi there, I posted this on the other nanjb forum, but it seems like theres more modders on this forum….

Nanjg C Circuit Board

It is supposed to work up to 4. I recently bought that Nanjgi now know its not worth its weight in salt This thread and willingness to test other drivers fills in 10c5 huge void in flashlighting, thank you HKJ. As indicated in picture by arrows, this is a common problem I guess, the copper layer does not hold well under all the pressure from the cables.


The diode is the connection to the lower pad. Test at all brightness settings. Some ideas from the thread: Does it support 8.

I was planning on using the XPG for all drivers with 1. Strobe and sos modes is another story, the jumping up and down in current and voltage will affect the measurements. I do not know if there are enough suggestions, it is a questions about what people would like included the nanjy. Just the thread I were looking for.

You can see one of them between the mcu and the diode. Excellent info and work. Does anyone know anywhere else I can solder my LED nnanjg wire to except the diode place? Budget light hobby proudly sponsored by my Mastercard and unknowingly paid for by a hard working wife.