One incident especially stands out that established Pretty Wonderful in the title chase. The suit is litigated by attorney Konstantine Kyros, who has been involved in a number of other lawsuits against WWE. Both times, Orndorff’s reigns were short and were ended by Ladd. This led to a brief six man tag team alliance between Orndorff, Payne, and Chris Benoit. Top 10 for The History of WWE.

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Inhe made his debut for the WWF, portraying a narcissistic bad guy and was part of the main event of the first ever WrestleMania show. Orndorff departed from the promotion that fall. Afterwards, Orndorff laid out Guerrero and several preliminary wrestlers with his piledriver finisher.

He has a nephew Terry Orndorff Jr. After the match, Race declared that Paul Orndorff was his chosen man. He defeated Brian Pillman in a tournament to earn the shot at the champion. Rumors continue to persist that Hogan is ogndorff the verge of being brought back to the WWE following his exile from the company in after the revelation that he had used racial slurs on an unauthorized sex tape.

Foley’s sprang to mind. Paul’s orndorfff are both of German descent. His neck bothered him for the rest of his career, resulting in the star missing most of due to neck surgery.


Both times, Orndorff’s reigns were short and were ended by Ladd. Orndorff started wrestling in after playing for one year in the World Football League and initially worked for a number wondefful wrestling promotions in the southern states of the United States such as Mid-Southern WrestlingSoutheast Championship Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling and Georgia Championship Wrestling. You can see how loyal he is.

Hulk Hogan Says Just Say No to the Piledriver

Lee brought in Ron Garvin to fight off Orndorff; [27] the feud included a very publicized “piledriver” match which was won by Garvin. I’m not sure I could pick just one. Paul has a younger brother Ray, who competed on the independent circuit.

Early in the match, Rude eliminated Orndorff with a roll-up. Did anyone do it better?

Their half-year-long feud is one of the most notable and profitable feuds in the history of pro wrestling. Have a Nice Day: Pillman, Flair, and Anderson attacked Orndorff and then Arn Anderson and Ric Flair delivered a spike piledriver to Orndorff on the arena floor during wonxerful attack.

Race assisted Orndorff in the match and was quickly joined by Ornsorff in his attack on Cactus Jack. Have A Nice Day: He would fire Bobby Heenan two months later and begin a feud with Rick Rude.

Paul Orndorff – Wikipedia

Before the team left the ring, they also took a couple of shots at the Nasty Boys for good measure. Wondsrful match degraded into a brawl that saw Pretty Wonderful make an appearance using Dave’s crutch to attack the champions.


Hulk Hogan has been absent from the wrestling business for three years now, but even as such, his word still carries weight within the industry. Orndorff wonderfu a shot at the North American champion The Grappler but on the day of the match he overslept storyline and was incensed when his replacement Jake “The Snake” Roberts beat the Grappler for the title. WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

Paul Orndorff betrays his tag team partner Hulk Hogan: Championship Wrestling, July 19, | WWE

Mg – Forgot Password. This would be the only time that Orndorff and Hogan would be matched against each other during the latter’s WCW run. Retrieved July 20, Orndorff got the better of Mantell and won the rights to use the Freebird hair removal cream on Mantell.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Did anyone do the Piledriver any better than Mr.