Processing triggers for bamfdaemon That is certainly the sort of thing that could lead to this locking problem, yes. You may need to run the. Jean-Baptiste Lallement jibel on Do you want to continue? As a resolution to the immediate lock problem, https:

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It would be entirely unhelpful if dpkg checked the debconf lock; you’d just get much the same failure slightly further up. Sorry, after the transition to Unity I no longer consider Ubuntu a work-stable system, therefore I clmmand no business to help you, especially because the transition to another system cost me a lot of time.

DBDriver failed to load (not a valid Win32) (WIS )

Changed in upstart Ubuntu: In order to test this hypothesis I’d like to go back in time and in each of the odd cases find the rogue process and then figure out why it’s running on the user’s system. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on I was just asking in 30 whether or not there are higher-level locks that should be taken by such commands, resulting in earlier and more useful error messages.


I did the post because I found few or almost no documentation around, and the documentation found was generic and non-coherent with the working parameters. Setting up phonon-backend-null 4: The below command installing some dotnet framework dependencies kicked up this error and “1 not fully installed or removed.

Package phonon is not installed. Mike Miller 2, 1 12 The first thing to notice is that ubuntu You should run into locking problems with either apt or dpkg well before debconf is involved.

Invalid command ‘DBDriver’, perhaps misspelled – gentoo, apache 2.2.8

Eddie Losper losper-eddie wrote on By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie invaldiand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I’ll give it a go cheers kate On 22 June Processing triggers invalif libc-bin Clint Byrum clint-fewbar wrote on The bottom-line, as far as I’m concerned: I am sorry but I do not remember that anymore.

Please remove my name from the distribution list for this problem. After some search, you may realized apache 2. Thank you, works great.

I got this in an update with Oneiric Beta today.


DBUseArea – DB driver not initialized – Tecnologia – TDN

The information about this bug in Launchpad is ingalid pulled daily from the remote bug. Resource temporarily unavailable Sent by: Setting up x11proto-record-dev 1. This will prevent Craft from performing database backups and you’ll be responsible for manually creating them.

In CI docs there’s a mistake, it is postgre dbdrifer not postgres. Colin, Steve please do something about the message output that newbies does not understand.

I think it would be very strange if either dpkg-reconfigure or tasksel accounted for the very many reports of this bug however, as both commnd are very low-level and I would expect at least one of the bug submitters before now to have mentioned they were running such a command if so.

I recommend against Thomas’ method in comment 8.

Do you want to continue? Kurt Van den Branden 4, 6 30 Resource temporarily unavailable 6.