Placing the batteries in special compartments, connect the receiver to a free USB-port, click on the button, make the necessary manipulations and get roadworthy wireless set to describe the appearance and performance of which we proceed. Accommodated these new keys so that they do not interfere, and simultaneously if necessary pushing them easily. In front are three small rubber feet firmly holding the keyboard on the table. Buttons are pressed easily and smoothly, upset only aloud klatsayut gap – the feeling that he has absorbed all the possible noise from other keys. No sharp corners and rounded edges – the finishing touch in portrait beauty S Bern

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Defender Keyboards — download drivers

Impressions from the wireless set Wireless kit Defender Bern S impressed her independence and bold design. All of them are very easy to press and totally silent, and a minimum distance of 1 cm between the majority of them allows the user, even if you are not blind to miss.

The bottom defemder the keyboard is almost flat in the rear part has compartment for two AA batteries, and the edges are two folding legs. On the bottom there are two reclining and legs that increase the angle of the keyboard to the user, making the job of the high table more convenient. Defender Bern – Remote Operations Centre. Appearance deefender rich in straight lines and combines smooth features with sharp corners.

This function implements scroll horizontally.

Juhtmevaba klaviatuur ja laserhiir Defender Bern 795 US/RUS must

But such functionality is every modern mouse, as rightly pointed reader. But it is much more convenient to buy a whole set, ie a keyboard with a mouse. At the bottom of the mouse has an optical sensor is an optical rather than laser, whose sensitivity is equal to dpi.


Set of multimedia keys is as follows: Panel keyboard driver Thus, it can be, for example, three keys Cut, Copy, Paste, and press run any Word or Excel and enjoy fast work.

Both sets left a favorable impression, both confidently hold communication detender the receiver within the specified distance in the manual and even large do not forget about the difference in frequencyboth quite ergonomic and comfortable. The bottom surface is interesting because it is located on the sensor, which monitors the movement of the mouse across the pad.

Defender Keyboards — drivers

Five additional keys and tiltable skroller. Quite comfortable mouse, the hand does not get tired even when long hours of work in Photoshop. Po form convex sides especially impressed defwnder make it easier to put on their toes and keep arm in arm, slightly flattened nose and slanted to the left.

It is available for sale separately from the kit and also bears the name of the capital of Switzerland. We can say that “rodent” is intended for large and medium-sized hands. Mouse and keyboard as not deprived of multimedia. Pleased that the plastic is quite good, and in the design of the mouse detender wrist rest unfortunately, is a permanent part of the keyboard used betn soft-touch, very pleasant to the touch. Defender Tandem placed in a medium-sized box on the right side where you can see images of the mouse and keyboard, as well as a description of their main features.


In general, modern normal defende. Package and Accessories Let us begin with the outer shell. After that spend quite typical for such devices procedure pressing the connection on the receiver, keyboard and mouse.

Just do not say you were not bored wires. Next we will call them Tandem and Bern. Technical characteristics Work at a radio frequency of 2. Not in the sense that he is unworthy, but because it is very functional and is perfect for use at home. But the editing unit is rotated vertically – fashionable lately solution used by 75 manufacturers and has become familiar to many users.

Overview of wireless sets Defender S Tandem WRS and Defender S Bern — Defender Bulgaria

The transceiver is responsible for running the 975 set. The 0 key on Numpad’e smaller and shifted to the left by the right Ctrl key missing second Windows.

Immediately behind the wheel button should CPI count per inchwhich is responsible for adjusting the speed of movement of the mouse. Opening the box Right of the keyboard is white cardboard box in which the mouse and other accessories.

In fact, defrnder package does not differ from the supplied wireless mice Defender series “Cities of Switzerland”, with the exception of having more batteries and a more detailed manual. Food keyboard receives two elements of size AA, inserted into a special compartment on the bottom.