Be sure to stay tuned! Build a suitable test motor then run it with three different cam profiles, starting with the stock cam and work our way through a pair of Crane grinds. Originally Posted by WSsick. Just hummor me though, add up the cost of a new engine and supporting mods to fuel it vs. You rarely hear of anyone with a truck complaining that they want their old back in place of their new 6. I guess my question then would be what would be a good bottom end setup to go with if I did supercharge for the biggest number and would my worked over ‘s be compatible as well with boost? This was an excellent cam choice for a daily driver, even a smaller 4.

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If your customer is converting to drive-by-wire, it adds another layer of complexity. Just dont scratch the itch to turn up the boost or you will be buying another motor. Looking at the LS3: Dailyy short block seems to be good for about and less with a good tune.

They are two completely separate engine builds. If you think the bug will hit and your going to up it to 10 or more PSI go with heads. My old set-up was drivin through all kinds of weather speed density, with a Ms4 on a lsa with a good tune. Like z28mccrory said, build your driveline first to prep it or you will be spending money you don’t have to fix it.

But, once I started pricing rotating assemblies and machine work, the deals that our sponsors offer are much better. xtroker


Adding Power to a L LS Stroker Build With Crane Cams – Truckin’

If you’re hellbent on making sick power without boost the 6. What cranks are people using as well as what rods and pistons? Will you dailg be happy at rwhp. Alot of people say they are good for 1k or so but if you are wanting then new bottom end, might as well do it.

Unlocking LS Stroker Engine Potential

As far as the ,yes that is corect. The GM Vortec V8 was introduced in as an alternative to the Duramax diesel for customers seeking sl power without the hassles of diesel fuel.

I guess my deal is my car is stating to rack up the miles on it so I am looking to get a 0 mile bottom end and I like the idea of big hp and not having to worry about a belt slipping off. I am looking for similar rwhp goals, and I’m afraid stroking the ls2 won’t give me much room to increase in the future.

Gasket kit few odds and ends and your good to go. The stubby LS rocker is strokfr about standing on end at lifts above. A true indication of a great street cam choice was the fact that the grind improved the power output everywhere, from 2, rpm to 6, rpm.

I am thinking about keeping the shot, but would like to get whp without it. The other stuff i dont know.

The School of Automotive Machinists Houston, TXone of the most respected names in motorsports education, was happy to help out. OP, I wouldn’t be so Hell-bent on making a certain power.


Several cars on this forum are over flywheel stock displacement, naturally aspirated. So would my heads work alright or would it be better to go with a set of the heads as I have heard they are a little lower compression or just have the pistons made with the lower compression? All my stuff is being bought and installed at Texas Speed they know what they are doing.

Adding Power to a 6.0L LS Stroker Build With Crane Cams

Yes — I prefer to receive offers and promotions from Trucktrend Network. You don’t need those ETP heads to make power. If your willing to keep the N2O then get some nitrous pistons,cam and heads.

If these LS cams are any strroker, it looks like there is plenty of power hiding in Crane’s little black boxes. Just make sure not to hit strokeg mph. I was looking to use my ls6 intake.

So, what better way to find out than grab a couple of different Crane cams and run them on the engine dyno? Finally, we bolted up a Fast LSXRT truck intake manifold, a set of pound Fast injectors, a billet fuel rail and a mm throttle body.

My TA with casting touched up heads from patriot made over rwhp Yes — I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Trucktrend Network.