How long have you been playing? I currently play in Hammerlord check us out on Facebook. Now, that same intensity is repeated for the other eight songs on the album, and rarely lets the listener up until the end. The vocals are definitely on the harsher side of thrash, but they really fit the style that Hammerlord is playing and lend an extra note of aggression to the album that would be missed if they used a Bay Area style vocalist instead of Steve. Lots of those when I was younger and would play any show thrown at me!

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I’m a bit surprised that Hammerlord hasn’t been snatched up by Earache yet along with Bonded By Blood, but with the Japanese snatching up copies of Wolves At War’s End left and right, eventually a label will realize that they should be signed.

I went with my friend Andy Muehl. The “Hammerlord” anchors and powers this little steamboat at light speed, which is exactly what we would expect given the eponymous nature of the band’s name. Caligari, Nodes of Ranvier, Floodplain, Suffer, to name a few. The production is basically the quality you would expect from a signed band and is really quite good for a self-produced demo.

Tombstone Piledriver

Bonded By Blood would be the closest of the new wave thrash bands to Hammerlord’s sound in terms of production and the gestalt of hammerloed tone, but Wolves At War’s End clearly has more in common with Kreator than Paradox. The lyrics are a net plus, but it would behoove Hammerlord if the lyrics Steve was writing were a touch less goofy.


Wolves at War’s End Hammerlord. Terry Taylor hasn’t uploaded any pics yet. What gear do you use? Bassist in Hammerlorr, Kansas. Now, that same intensity is repeated for the other eight songs on the album, and rarely lets piledrkver listener up until the end. That’s not to say the riffs are bad. Lots of those when I was younger and would play any show thrown at me!

Biggest, probably when Hammerlord played with Rob Zombie in to about 12K people. However, while the riffs aren’t boring, they are not necessarily the most catchy either since aggressive speed is the focus.

Piledrivef American thrash band hailing from the small college town of Lawrence, Kansas is one of the better and more aggressive bands to pop up in this latest new wave of thrash. What was the first concert you ever went to?


I currently play in Hammerlord check us out on Facebook. I have played in a lot of bands through the years: In fact, Adam “Hammerlord” Mitchell mastered the album and mixed the tracks himself and in a conversation we had he claimed he was going for a more full sound and deep sound than standard ’80s-’90s thrash production, which is basically more along the hammerkord of death metal or latter day Kreator.

Fans of The Esoteric will likely be interested in Hammerlord to hear what Stevie Cruz does in the band.


I will probably be buried with this guitar. Adam plays thrash drums as fast and aggressive as I’ve heard anyone do it.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Smallest, well too many to think of. How long have you been playing? If you could jam with anyone, who would it be?

Hammerlord – Wolves at War’s End – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Despite the hardcore influences that pledriver of the band members Stevie Cruz and Adam Mitchell were in The Esoteric, with Cruz still being in the band, and Terry Taylor was in Nodes of RanvierHammerlord is a thrash metal band that plays up the gammerlord themes within their songs. While some tunes are fun lyrically Tombstone Piledriverevery track is very intense and their love of German thrash really comes through on this album.

Fans pilderiver bands such as Exodus and Municipal Waste should also look into the album to get their thrash fix. Also admirable is that Adam manages to achieve hammering precision without sounding like a robot. Besides, The Undertaker is still metal right?! The riffs are fresh and not overly derivative as much of the new wave thrash can be I’m looking at you, Bonded By Blood.

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