Values to be stored in the rebuilt configuration memory are obtained as follows: Input power is obtained from these sources: When N is selected, parameters are not written. When valid control delivery time is entered, PC should display next parameter. This valid product configuration will be loaded in any time the Enhanced Controller is powered up or reset.

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The process allows most parameters to be viewed or changed, however it is somewhat more cumbersome than the DTOOL utility, and is intended for emergency field use.

GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

Up to three PCBs may be mounted on the stand alone or cardfile-mounted panels using stand-off posts and screws. Write switch-set or default values to memory?

When a given command is entered, the user is automatically prompted for new field configuration data.

If field configuration default values stored in Application software are to be used in place of switch settings, continue with step Typically used to turn on data carrier at start of transmitted message, turn off carrier and end of this message.


Press SW1 as required to bring up MS on alpha-numeric display. Default is BPS and normally need not be changed. Code line interface and power supply. If baud rate on Slave port 1 is to be entered or changed, continue with step The HELP command can be consulted at any time during the configuration process.

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

A separate power supply converter within the code line interface circuitry provides regulated power to the interfacing components. Power Supply PCB Program bit and address bit. After carrier option is entered, display should return to CX. The board contains power supply components to convert external input voltage to levels compatible with the Enhanced Controller. Refer to Section 2. When last value is entered, PC should display option of writing values entered to this point into configuration file, or entering displayed default values.

Press toggle SW1 to cycle through carrier test modes. Alpha-numeric display will show the following stop bits: Apply label Item 3 to housing per view A.

Problems with input and output boards can also result from improper application logic programming. Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up IS on alpha-numeric display.


Where applicable, limits for a given parameter are displayed. Press SW1 as required to bring up SS on alpha-numeric display.

N, Harmon MCS Press toggle SW1 to cycle through logical Slaves 1 through 6. Four additional LEDs report when individual 8-bit groups of input data are addressed by the Enhanced Controller board 3. No field repairs on a X series PCB should be attempted. Same displays as Slave port baud rate apply to Master port baud rate. Lights steadily when power switch is turned on. If desired parity is passed, continue pressing SW1 to recycle display.

The construction and test procedure is as follows: Check for shorts individual signal wires to all other signal wires. Otherwise, go to step Determined by first digits Third protpcol digits: Press SW1 as required to bring up SX on alpha-numeric display.