Click Video settings under the General tab. IP Webcam is easily the best of the lot because it works through your browser, which gives it the cross-platform compatibility. Both the phone and the computer should be on the same Wi-Fi network. Our URL was http: If not, start them by right clicking and choose “Start Service”.

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You can also use your phone as a epiccam to make video calls from a computer. Click Install anyway in both cases. Install and run EpocCam on your computer and iPhone, as mentioned earlier. In Mobiles and Tablets. Launch the IP Webcam app. This saves the footage as an MP4. This is how you set it up:.

EpocCam (free) download Windows version

Once again, both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network – if they are, then they will connect to each other automatically.

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If you cannot see Bonjour-service or KinoniSvc, please re install required Windows drivers from http: Scroll to the bottom and tap Start server.

We tried setting up PocketCam, but the process was too complicated and even when we did manage litd set it up, we found that the free version limits you to black-and-white video and no audio.


Now you can use your Android phone as the webcam. Android Here’s how to set up your Android smartphone as a webcam. We tried 5 of the top 10 results, but most didn’t work properly. There’s no recording feature in this app, but you can easily setup a screen recorder app such as Camstudio on your computer to record the feed from your iPhone, if you want to use the phone as a security camera and not a CCTV feed. This is what you need to do: If not, start them by right clicking and choose “Start Service”.

Bluetooth devices can interfere with WiFi connections. Soon you should see video on PC screen. This works even if your phone is locked, but the video stutters. This is what you need to do:. If you’re using an iPhone then you can use EpocCam. Select the correct camera from the drop-down menu next to Select webcam: One of the ways in which you can use an old phone is by setting it up as a security camera or a baby monitor.

On the other hand, EpocCam is free with ads and it is very easy to set up. In that case you should use ‘Kinoni Video Source’, it’s functionality is identical to ‘EpocCam’ camera.


Now you’ll see video from the phone on the DroidCam Windows app. The same drivers work for both Lite and Pro versions.

Epoccam lite 64 bit pc free

The app automatically searches for other devices running EpocCam on the same Wi-Fi network. EpocCam has an Android epovcam too, but it crashed repeatedly in our tests, so we suggest you stay away from it.

WiFi connection does not work 1 Check you firewall settings. Now make a video call to any of your contacts.

Download it and then install and run the app on your computer and phone, as described above. That’s why we would recommend using EpocCam. Third-party cameras don’t always work well with the Windows 8 style Skype app, so you will need the desktop version.