The real plus for me is the USB!!! Request a new review. The I unplugged the RP and now it is back to being to low. Could I then use this output to plug into the input of the soundcard Focurite and so get the tone of my amp, use my pedals and still without any latency issues then? There are subtleties, such as overdrive models found in the section amplify with a choice of additional hp. The connection is nice, even if the in would not bother

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I am better off than I adio before but can not come close to peaking. May 21, Messages: Does it have a level selection too? Cheers, Keith Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. Needed at home computer music.

Audio interface – Soundcard – And no need for ASIO

Hi Keith, So to resume: The delays are addictive as they are good and well spatially with headphones. My main digitecn is that I want something easy to use. Our members also liked: Much better than the other pod and for a much lower price well Moriador on November 29, Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You just take the time to polish up the sound a few minutes the perfect multi effects studio as live.


All user reviews for the DigiTech RP155

I Was trying to help but I can’t find any advice in the Reaper forum. You must log in or sign up to reply here. In this connection plenty of functions are accessed from a computer like ducking delay.

The RP it was the same.

I had a multi FX 15 years ago and really did not like it. In digital, so no hiss or interference Is their a decent “easy” DAW that is free or inexpensive that is compatible to digitech rp? Log in Become a member. The modulation is pretty reverb, delay, chorus and flanger with the choice of things more fun and bizarre whammy, octave, swell, rotary.

Hi Keith, Again, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. For example, if you are recording a keyboard, turn up the output on it.

I had forgot about Digitech’s X-Edit software. This will make it work with Reaper and most recording software. For specifications, see the website of digitech and digltech posts, it is complete The rhythmic are sharp and clear, the solos are divine.


Did aslo find this review helpful? In distortion we can do almost anything and have it all The machine is capable of much better! Jul 5, Messages: Now can you tell me that with the RP I will not consume all my time trying to record and that it is straight forward?

So I guess the one with USB should be enough for me. Why do people buy audio interfaces such as Focusrite if you get the same result axio plugging a lead straight into your computer’s soundcard via or not an amp?