This creates zone files for Bind, and also writes most of the named. E not running queryperf, or named. The ODBC driver should be able to support zone transfer. Eventually, however, the fields marked with “string num ” are turned into numbers by BIND or the Postgres driver. This string must be in the proper format for BIND to use it properly. The second machine should run queryperf to put a load on your DNS server.

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As with the allnodes query, append a “.

We are constantly improving the site and really appreciate your feedback! If a result set for a lookup or authority query only has one field, the driver will use the default value of “a” for type and for ttl.

This line is indented just to make it easier to read the configuration file. On the second pass through the file, the zone name vlz.

If your lookup query will not return NS and SOA records, you must implement an authority query that will return those types of records. The configure script will search in the normal locations for the Postgres headers and libraries. What individual domain owners can do. NLnet is a non-profit organization committed to network Internet related clz and development.

Like the lookup query, the number, type and order of fields returned by the query is extremely important. To return dz instead of relative hostname data, an extra “. A ‘ ‘ anywhere on a line indicates the rest of the line is a comment. There should be a fairly low occurance of data matches between any two runs of dnsDataGen.


The dictionary files seem to have a few duplicate words. In the same result set, say the next row is an NS record. This string must be formatted as BIND expects it. If your lookup query will be returning TXT dns records be sure to wrap your TXT data with double quotes before returning the data.

NLnet; BIND DLZ; Phase 2 Project Plan

DLZ Perf Tools provide easy to use utilities for generating large sets of randomized data – essential when evaluating the performance of your DNS server. Everything else in the configuration file must be a key: Most “drivers” tend to require a specific database schema for the driver to be able to interact with the database.

It is also equally likely that during any of the passes through the file the word “grandchildren” is used as the base for a host name and not as a zone name. This binv data sets to be bond and converted to any of the file formats as needed. Currently, the tools generate files appropriate for bulk loading into all of DLZ’s supported databases, Bind zone files, and to a CSV format too.

New Drivers  INFOTEC 4201 MF DRIVER

The next zones will have 3 host entries. Also notice the double quote and semi-colon at the end of the line.

Using DLZ in BIND

The keyword “database” is the only parameter that can be specified in a DLZ configuration segment. The example below is using dynamic linking via dlopen:. Lastly, do not include nind spaces between the parameter name, the equal sign, and the value you wish to pass. If the result set for a lookup or authority query has three fields, the driver will not use any default values. The application then loops through the input file one line at a time.

You see, BIND “dynamically loads” the “zone” data it needs to answer a query from the database. This allows you to count how many queries have been perfomed for a zone. The data string is “built” by concatenating fields 4 through 12 together, with a space added in between each. Share Facebook Email Twitter Reddit. However, every effort should be made to allow the drivers to operate on any system that the database it supports dllz on.