And we can see, that nowadays S3TC begins to find a market. As it is possible to see, the list of advantages of the new chip is extremely great and it may be able to create almost photorealistic graphics. Yes, it already can be stated. Until recently everybody hoped on trilinear filtering and anisotropic filtering was considered to be unavailable because of both complexity of its algorithm and insistence to productivity which is reduced at usage of this sort of filtering. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

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If ATI does not lose its chance it will have a good opportunity to make the way on the market and to capture a powerful part for its products of a new generation. Certainly, it is necessary to mention that for the last year the corporations – manufacturers of geometry processors approached the high quality of three-dimensional graphics permitting in real time fulfilling renderings of the most complicated radron and scenes. It is necessary to note, that if the possibilities HW TCL are used in the game but the freed CPU time are not used, fdr user all the same will receive magnificent on quality and very fast graphics, though will not remark any other pluses.

The Radeon runs really cool! BioShock Infinite and Metro: Wgp all, it had decent performance too. RADEON draws polygon first in a usual way, then in tile and if tile completely closes by itself polygon, it is discarded and eliminated from further processing. Let’s hope ATI will provide better driver support for the Radeon.

ATI Radeon 9000 210ft DDR Vivo 64mb RAM VGA Tv-out AGP Graphics Card

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Thumbs up to ATI! The memory works on frequency MHz or with resulting frequency MHz, in further we shall use resulting values of frequencies of DDR-memory. The most important point I would like to convey is, on certain systems, you may need to disable the AGP 4X support in the BIOS in order to get this card to function properly. The sky changes its color according to general shadowing at night but for RADEON it remains of the same color as in daytime that was surprising.


This block of rendering is built in RADEON and was specially created for implementation of operation three texturing of blocks on each of the available rendering pipelines. I even can assume, that the authors of the chip purposely did not begin to improve bit color to show it unnecessity at present and to accustom the users “to live” permanently in bit color.

And if it is clarified that this nearest value is further then sti most remote for tile, we at once throw out this polygon.

Well, you will not encounter that problem with the Radeon. It was curious to observe falling in productivity at inclusion of trilinear and anisotropic filtering. This innovation in OpenGL1.

ATi Radeon DDR VIVO (AGP 4x, 64 MB) Overview – CNET

The memory chips are rated at 5. The only hitch was that its drivers only allowed it to work flawlessly in Windows Unfortunately, I should remind once again, that not everything depends on desire and possibilities of the manufacturers GPU.

In result the developers of games can use the greater number of polygons at tessellation stage and apply various special effects, that will make 3D the world in the game by more real.

All main trials and researches were carried out on the first desk and the second desk was used for demonstrating faultless operation of a videocard on the platform Athlon. Anyway, the card is pretty impressive, with a silver heatsink on the Radeon chipset. Overclockers, this could be the next generation of video card that you need in order to cope with high FSB overclocking. With the help Priority Buffer the order of usage of the data is determined and as a result a shadow from the object most approximate to the spectators starts to be formed.


Among its features there is also support anisotropy. Those left out of the race tried to make a comeback, but only ATI and Matrox were successful enough to recapture part of the market. Especially it is necessary to mark support relief texturing EMBMwhich while is supported only by chips of a series G from Matrox, but is used in several tens games.

We did not pursue the purpose to compare platforms. Once again, I have dedicated a separate page on this topic click the link above to read more about the Radeon setup and driver details. Especially the reputation of the corporation was “beaten” by systematic delay of the output of real production to be compared with periods of announcements.

The Radeon chipset itself is hidden behind the robust looking heatsink and fan. From authoritative western sources it is possible to receive some items of information about HyperZ, though anybody from them has not proved yet, that they are right.