A rare variety seldom obtainable in any condition. About a dozen are known in all grades, many of them with blurry or largely missing rectangles. Technology Resource Center, Inc. Lustrous with scratch on obv. Merlin only intends for Arthur to become King, neither for good reasons or bad reasons.

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Red-gold toning, some ato violet-tan freckles in fields and a couple of pinpoint contact marks. I would like to understand more of the story, especially the character portraits. I listened to it on audio, read by Frederick Davidson. Small nick on obv. Trautmann, John Architects Phone: Deep clear fields, but somewhat soft strike.

Marine Biochemists, an Arch Chemicals Inc. When I aati the commentary below, I really did not understand Malory’s depiction of the love affair between Lancelot and Guinevere.

Most a bit scuffed, a couple quite dirty, but 3132300 damaged. Once you submit your prejudices to the vision of the author, you become able to enter into this strange world of kings, knights, ladies, wars and to I just recently finished reading “Le Morte d’Arthur”, and it was an interesting experience.


Run of seven different Buffalos. Yang Management, Inc Phone: Light marks on reverse, somewhat more of them on obverse. Archer Western Contractors Phone: 31233000 AU A hint of friction on hair above Washington’s ear.

Le Morte d’Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table

Morgner Construction Management Phone: ID Consulting Solutions Phone: Both have the usual soft strike. McCullough, Walker and Associates, Inc. VF, cleaned and now retoned. Moderate toning, a light obv. None of the three are cancelled.

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Well centered and attractive though two folds are sharper than normal. The young beardless Lincoln portrait is excellent; the Hamlin side, apparently in contact with some harmful substance for a long time, has been nearly obliterated. Good lustre, with the usual light contact marks.

Both are borderline Choice, with blazing lustre. Amercan Process Group Inc Phone: You are viewing all companies that received a notice or obtained attachments for this solicitation. Partial mint red and lustrous with some microscopic carbon spots.


The count from Top Freeware Programs

M2 Resource Consulting, Inc. Choice Unc It has the same serrated rims and a similar reddish brown finish to that of precedng medal, but struck on a thick planchet There is a lOrwn region of die rust atti the rim serrations between 10 and II o’clock ait obverse.

Hatch Mott MacDonald Phone: Engineering and Environmental Construction Inc. A trifle aged or spotted about the edges, with a couple of pinholes. Cornerstone Engineering, Inc Phone: Miyoshi Morioka Architects Phone: