Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts. Experience the innovated 3 in 1 TranSleeve Keyboard! Unlike a map, though, you couldn’t fold this thing the wrong way even if you tried. We’ll just spoil the punch line right here: Include photo and video captures, or even audio notes. The HP Envy x2 lasts nearly eight hours for instance, while the Acer Iconia W is capable of nearly eight and a half. Even after living with the VivoTab for more than a week, it still routinely takes us two or three tries to make the tablet sit in its dock without toppling the whole thing over.

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Surface Studio 2 review: We’ve been rather busy cranking out reviews lately, and we’ve got all the usual PC makers to thank. In any case, once you get it right, though, it’s easy to move the thing around on your desk without having to set it up all over again.

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

But our review cycle wouldn’t be complete without ASUS — after all, the company was selling its Transformer tablets before keyboard docks were even a thing. Cisplay doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the VivoTab Smart’s thin cover is similar in design to that other Smart Cover, the one designed for the iPad.

So is it as nice in person as it is on paper? You see, the cover has indentations in the spots where you’re supposed to fold it; not unlike a paper map with crease lines.


Colorful 10.1″ Windows 8 Tablet with Transleeve Keyboard and Intel CPU for Multimedia Enjoyment

What’s more, many of wmart tablets the x2, the W can be used with a keyboard dock that has a second battery built in. These caveats aside, the VivoTab Smart is a great buy, and it’s your best bet if you want the full Windows 8 experience on the cheap.

As we’ve said before, Intel’s Clover Trail platform is more dissplay adequate for doing things tablets are supposed to be good at, things like playing back movies, displaying photos, loading webpages. In most situations read: There’s not much to it, really: We got hands-on with the white model, and indeed, the review unit we took home was white too. If pen input isn’t a necessity, though, you’ve got a choice to make: Even with the brightness cranked all the way up, we struggled to frame shots in the Camera app, though a little shade and some squinting should help you get by.

ASUS VivoTab Smart Me400c LCD Screen Display Flex Cable Ribbon Genuine OEM

Granted, not all low-powered Windows 8 tablets have this on the hardware itself, but if they don’t, there’s usually at vibotab a USB port included ssus the keyboard dock. Or you could pay less for the VivoTab Smart and get more built-in storage, along with a perfectly serviceable typing experience and good-enough battery life.

The VivoTab Smart might be one of the most inexpensive Windows 8 tablets on the market, but it also happens to be one of the best-made. Windows 8 Fresh Paint The ultimate canvas for big ideas. The foldable cover can be used as a sleeve as well as a stand.

New Drivers  INTEL GM47 DRIVER

Now for the best part: Above vivotaab, we have to commend ASUS for maintaining a respectable amount of space between the keys. Not bad at all for a device at that price. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Heat management was fine too — xisplay backside got a little warm after we spent some time streaming music through Grooveshark, but the device never got hot or uncomfortable to hold. Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts.

ASUS VivoTab Smart Mec LCD Screen Display Flex Cable Ribbon Genuine OEM | eBay

Windows 8 Multimedia Content Plenty of media content is ready to enrich your life! A better all-in-one PC twist. Like every other Atom-based tablet, the VivoTab Smart’s Under the best conditions, the tablet’s 25Wh battery is rated for 8.

ASUS actually didn’t go overboard with the bloatware here: Even then, we weren’t fans of the Smart PC’s keyboard dock, and we experienced glitches on multiple review dissplay, too. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

Windows 8 People Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts. Yes, that thin TranSleeve cover snaps on in a manner similar to a Type Coverbut there are no keys attached smartt.