Your Request View shoutbox. Gothic 3 resolution x, “high” details min 13, med Although being rather quiet, the Aspire G does also not get hot. So, the user will hardly recognize a difference in standard applications. Anyone can help me? Instead, this Acer laptop comes with an extra number pad. The Aspire G is equipped with a

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Anyone can help me? TehSuigiDec 15, So, there will be either black bars on the sides or the picture will be stretched.

Open Control Panel 2: Gothic 3 resolution x, “high” details min 13, med As already mentioned this is one of the few Acer tubz equipped with this graphics card. Advanced Controls for Boster Volume will appear However, its functionality was in the opinion of many users anyway debatable. The Virtual Surround Sound was not really noticeable.

Review: Acer Aspire 6930G Notebook

November 16, at 7: Compared to the similar Aspire G it is equipped with a more energy-efficient CPU with comparable performance. The Aspire G is not acdr rather quiet, it also stays rather cool. The touchpad has a similar surface than the one of the Aspire G.

Verdict Due to our tests this powerful notebook rates rather good. Update your graphics card drivers today.


Tuba Cinebass Subwoofer not working with Windows 7?! | NotebookReview

The well designed and solid case of the bigger of the above mentioned notebooks, does not really get warm and, what’s more, the cooling system is nevertheless even under load rather quiet.

Necesito una actualizacion del driver nuvoton cir transceiver ya que en mi windows 10 64 bit no funciona.

The glossy keys are not a reliable support for fingers during typing, and are tubq to keep nice and clean. The concept of the power socket inside this shape close to the hinge axer developed by Sony, but some notebook vendors followed. Psybirtz said… Hello People, I download all the drivers for aspire g as link above and almost all is compatible using Windows Xp but the problem is i can’t find the installer for acer eAudio that will work in Windows xp because without acer eAudio the sound for tuba is not good as the same in windows vista.

Your name or email address: Windows 10 Forum Windows 8 Forum. Would it be weird to have an iPad and a laptop?

Although the heat emitted by the hardware is considerable, the computer stays even under load relatively calm. With the refreshing Gemstone Blue design the Acer Aspire G does not only look good, it also stands out of the masses.


I have installed a clean version of Windows 7 on my Acer G and installed the drivers Tuba Cinebass Subwoofer not working with Windows end booster.

Acer Aspire G Windows 7 Drivers | Laptop Software

Lieos Your IT Technology. Wednesday, April 1, Gaming Performance Fraps 60s: Jan 10, “Acer CineSurround blasts virtual 5.

Right click on speaker icon While the touchpad of the G is a little greasy, as cinevass rubbed with silicon oil.

Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by CaptnSpauldingDec 14, The reviewed notebook certainly looks sleek.

Acer Aspire 6930G sound problems in win 7?

If you want to buy a Aspire G, you should carefully check the specifications of the model. If this would not restoration your difficulty then that is maximum probable a hardware difficulty. Download the latest drivers for your Acer Aspire G to keep your Computer up-to-date.